Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The editorial board has the primary role of ensuring that the journal maintains its reputation as a reliable source of high-quality academic and policy oriented information.
  2. The editorial board will ensure the publication of quality peer reviewed articles based on the guidelines from trusted institutions on health researches like:
    1. Philippine Council for Health Research and Development
    2. ICMJE—International Council of Medical Journal Editors
  3. The Associate editors will solicit or write manuscripts for consideration for publication which may be in the form of articles, commentaries, book reviews, visual art, and announcements.
  4. The Associate editors will review manuscripts depending on topic submissions and at the request of the Scientific Editors.
  5. The editorial board will participate in the resolution of author grievances.
  6. The International Advisory Board members shall provide guidance and decisions in the event of conflicting assessment from the Associate Editors which may consist of acceptability of terms used in a manuscript, impacts of the assertion of the authors, breaches of ethics, and themes for the next issue.
  7. The International Advisory Board members shall also provide technical reviews at the request of the Editor-in-Chief.
  8. In the absence of the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor, the editorial board will resolve cases through a votation.