Effects of Footbath in Improving Sleep Quality Among Filipino Elderly


A progressive increase in the elderly population has drawn more attention to this age group’s health (Leonard, 1994). In the Philippines elderly population is the fastest growing sector of the population since 1960s (Cruz, 2013). It is important to understand the physiologic changes during the aging process as well as the problems brought about it so that it can be managed effectively. One of which is problems in sleep which can lead to high occurrence of dissatisfaction and poor sleep among elderly (Zilli, Ficca & Salzarulo, 2000). It is the third most common problem after headache and digestive disorders in reference to elderly group (Seyyedrasooli et al., 2013).
Changes in circadian rhythm of body temperature (Vitiello, Larsen & Moe, 2004), reduction in the percentage of REM sleep (Van Cauter, Leproult & Plat, 2000), having long sleep latencies (less than 30 minutes), reduced sleep efficiency (85%), less sleep duration play a vital role in the sleep problems experienced by elderly (Israel & Ayalon, 2009). Sleep problems are important to be addressed because sleep is an essential human function that promotes wellbeing because it is the body’s way of regaining energy and adapting from fatigue (Seyyedrasooli et al., 2013). (full download)